Shade at last

After a year of shading our cockpit with a white, rectangular sheet of canvas (photo above) we are finally getting a real “insert” – the part between the solar panels and the dodger. The twists snaps are in place and today the pattern was taken. Check back to see the final product next week… we’re doing something pretty innovative!While we were in California last month we bought a second cable lock to be able to lock our Honda generator to the boat (we use the other one to lock up the dinghy). We specifically wanted a Yakima lock because we still had some lock cores and thereby wouldn’t have to add yet another key to our collection.

Of course when we got back to the boat we had to get said lock cores from their storage place. And that’s under the V-berth… We only store things that we very rarely need to access under the V-berth because it means total disaster (and I thought things were bad when we had to replace the faucet). After finally unearthing the locks, this is the mess we were faced with! Not a place to sit or step – and the aft cabin wasn’t spared either.


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