After two months of collecting and processing data for new NOAA nautical charts off Panama City Beach we are finally traveling again. I flew out to Florida but Mike had some time and made the long drive from Seattle. He drove down to San Diego to drop off our Alaska gear (skis, down coats, etc) and picked up our kayak, and camping and snorkel gear before heading east. Our little mini van now has over 175,000 miles on it.

Panama City Beach, FL Hydrographic SurveyingWe were surprised at how cold it had been in PCB and could not wait to head further south. Neither one of us had ever been to a southern Plantation so we made a quick stop at the Kingsley Plantation.

Kingsley Plantation, FloridaKingsley PlantationWe took our time and drove down Highway A1A, right along the ocean. By the time we arrived at the Space Coast the temperatures were finally becoming more tropical. We got lucky and there just happened to be a rocket launch at Cape Canaveral the night we were there!Cape CanaveralIn Vero Beach we had our first (well deserved) Painkillers. Here is the “secret” recipe.Pain Killer RecipeAnd after nearly 7 years we finally put our toes into the Atlantic again!Atlantic OceanWe took a quick look around Miami but just couldn’t wait to drive the Overseas Highway through the Keys.Florida Keys Sunset Overseas HighwayFlorida Keys Manetee Pelican Florida Keys Overseas HighwayIf you want to know how to get a camp site in the continually sold-out Keys at the last minute, contact us on our Facebook page and we’ll give you a few tips.Florida Keys CampingFlorida Keys CampingSince we currently don’t have our own boat we had to go on one of those cattle-drive snorkel tour boats to see Pennekamp Coral Reef but it was well worth it. Snorkel Florida Keys Pennekamp State ParkSnorkel Florida Keys Pennekamp State ParkSnorkel Florida Keys Pennekamp State ParkWhen the road ended we explored Key West but weren’t prepared for how touristy it was – maybe spring break is not the right time to see Florida. Too bad we can’t drive to Cuba….1-03_March 15Verena and MikeFlorida Keys Overseas Highway Sunset


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