Cruising BC’s Desolation Sound

After our shakedown cruise in June, followed by another haul-out to fix a few more items, we were finally ready to start heading north. Or so we thought…

While the boat was being lowered into the water we received a call offering work on the Columbia River for a few weeks. The next day, we hauled back out and put Limerick back into storage. Having her on the hard when we are not aboard is a lot less worry. We spent the rest of June and most of July on the river doing dredge surveys.

At the end of July we finally made it back to the boat and launched the very next day. Within a couple of days we were in Canada and on our way to Desolation Sound! We love our flying bridge and spend most of our time underway and at anchor up here. After turning the corner into Desolation Sound we are greeted by snow-capped mountains.Unlimited supply of oysters! After two years cruising Mexico and getting way too much sun, I am obsessed with making shade. The umbrella works pretty well in the dinghy too.Taking trash to shore with the kayak. Everywhere I go I am asked what “sort of contraption” that is. It’s a Hobie hybrid kayak/SUP/pedal boat and I love it! It even goes backwards.Mike loves his inflatable paddle board. It’s faster to set up and get going but not quite as versatile. It is the easiest way to take the stern tie to shore, in our opinion.Much of the water around Desolation Sound is “warm”. Well, not freezing cold anyway. We were able to swim everyday thanks to an amazing, sunny summer. After countless recommendations from other cruisers I purchased some turkish towels. They dry super fast and take up a third of the space of regular towels. 


To see all of our destinations check out our (free, downloadable, editable) digital log book. We use Google Calendar to track our cruising destinations.

By early September we had to be back in Washington to once again store Limerick and head back to work. Luckily our work is mostly on the water!

For those of you interested in the cost of cruising check out our Cruising Expenses and how we are able to afford cruising well before retirement age.

Not enough photos in this post? Check out our Photo Albums.


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